Sarah Kammerer, director of the DFW Humane Society, is thrilled to get a donation of a box of copy paper from Allied Property Management, along with plenty of treats and toys for the dogs and cats.

We recently completed a supply drive at our corporate office for the DFW Humane Society (We are pet people, and all of our properties are pet friendly.). Our donations included toys, treats and the like, but what really thrilled the rescue staff was the box of copy paper.


This might seem odd, until you take a deeper look like we did. Everybody thinks about giving dog food, treats and toys. But animal rescues need copy paper for adoption paperwork, kennel information slips, fundraising letters, and dozens of other uses. The DFW Humane Society operates entirely on donations, and donated copy paper is a tremendous help in their mission of giving neglected and unwanted pets a second chance in life through adoption.

We looked deeper and found out what was really needed to make an enterprise successful.  We do the same thing when we revitalize and manage multifamily residential properties (Or “apartments,” as the rest of the world calls them.).

Where some may see an old or neglected property, we see a solid investment that can give great returns with just a little work.. Where others see an underperforming property, we see what it needs to reach its full potential.

Excellence in operations, marketing, accounting, technology, human resources and training all come with us when we take over management of a property.

We combine uncommon vision, cutting-edge technology, and old-fashioned personability to give our owners optimal return on investment and our residents a community that they can be proud to call home. Here at Allied Property Management. We create communities.

So whether you are looking for a management company for your investment property, or looking for a place to call home, Allied Property Management is here to help you.

By the way, we also brought lots of toys and treats to the dogs and cats. Like we said, we love pets. And If you love pets like we do, consider making a donation to the DFW Humane Society. Think about donating some copy paper. You’ll make the hard-working staff very happy.

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